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Some days, Simpler is Better

For all the tinkering I’ve done with Asterisk, some days I just want things to be simple. I just want to pick up my phone and have it “work.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the flexibility that I’ve got with my current setup. There’s something to be said for having so many different methods for making a telephone call. The problem is: I’ve got too many ways to make a call. Too many phone numbers I could potentially be reached on.

The nice thing about, say, Vonage or Broadvox Direct is that the service “just works.” I can pick up the phone, make a call to the PSTN, and be done with it. No reliability issues. I can also say that the link that Marcelo and I have, which goes directly between our respective Asterisk servers, also “just works.” No VoIP service needed here, just IP to IP connectivity.

I’m hoping that a couple of new IP Phones I am getting in the next couple of days will help get me back on the path towards simplicity.

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