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The Nokia N95-4 (8GB, North America)

The N95 8GBImage via Wikipedia</p>

Andy Abramson sent me one of the Nokia N95 8GB phones to assist in wiping it clean. Apparently, Flixwagon was used on the thing and it hosed the phone. I did take the opportunity to play with the phone for a day or so and got a rough idea of what I was missing on my N95-1.

It boils down to three essential things: better battery life, more memory (both in terms of usable RAM and storage), and support for US 3G on AT&T! The camera seemed to be as good as my N95-1, though I could see how the lack of a lens cover might be an issue. Having 3G on the N95 is spiffy! I get AT&T’s 3G at my house, but I live on the fringes, so it cuts out from time to time.

Sadly, however, I have to send the phone back to Comunicano. Would have been a nice upgrade for my N95-1, which has the smaller battery, smaller RAM, and no US 3G.

I’m hoping that I can get my hands on a Nokia 3G device with North American 3G support for longer than a day. I also hope that AT&T improves the 3G coverage in my area. ;)

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