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The Nokia N95-4 (8GB, North America)

The N95 8GBImage via Wikipedia

Andy Abramson sent me one of the Nokia N95 8GB phones to assist in wiping it clean. Apparently, Flixwagon was used on the thing and it hosed the phone. I did take the opportunity to play with the phone for a day or so and got a rough idea of what I was missing on my N95-1.

It boils down to three essential things: better battery life, more memory (both in terms of usable RAM and storage), and support for US 3G on AT&T! The camera seemed to be as good as my N95-1, though I could see how the lack of a lens cover might be an issue. Having 3G on the N95 is spiffy! I get AT&T’s 3G at my house, but I live on the fringes, so it cuts out from time to time.

Sadly, however, I have to send the phone back to Comunicano. Would have been a nice upgrade for my N95-1, which has the smaller battery, smaller RAM, and no US 3G.

I’m hoping that I can get my hands on a Nokia 3G device with North American 3G support for longer than a day. I also hope that AT&T improves the 3G coverage in my area. ;)

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