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Welcoming our new Orange Splat Overlords

Well, it’s official. Cingular has acquired AT&T Wireless. They even out a site called The New Cingular which attempts to explain, in clear terms, what it means.

Two things I can’t wait for:

  1. Cheaper call forwarding ($0.10 a minute versus your overage rate with AT&T Wireless)
    • Adding Cingular customers to my Mobile-to-Mobile. Pretty much all my calling minutes will be Mobile-to-Mobile once that happens.</ol> The thing I don’t like is that in order to get rollover minutes, I’ve got to change over to a Cingular rate plan, I’ve supposedly gotta buy a new phone. WTF is up with that? Supposedly a software difference. Screw that. Already paid good money for the phones (at least my employer did), I see no reason to change.

      We shall see how nice our new Orange Splat overlords treat the minions of the Death Star.

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