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Nokia Internet Tablet Converter For Mac

I had been using Media Converter to convert videos for the Nokia N800/N810. I wasn’t happy with the results as it would clip part of the video, but it worked and was pretty braindead.

Thankfully, my employer has come out with a beta version of their Internet Tablet Converter for Mac. It kind of does the same thing, but it has fewer knobs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it primarily aims at 400×240 resolution (half the 800×480 resolution of the tablet) at four different quality settings. The default setting of “better” does the video at 640kb/s, 27 frames per second and audio at 96kb/s.

The UI appears to be based on the Gecko rendering engine–at least based on the refences to xulrunner when I was poking around the app. The UI has some glitches, but overall, I’m happy that it does a fairly decent job of converting videos for the tablets.

Via mac.sis

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