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Twitter’s Got More Money, But Can It Scale?

When I saw Om Malik tweet that Twitter made their Series B funding round ($15 million), my reaction was fairly simple: ok, they’ve got money. But do they have a plan for addressing the scaling issues, and can they execute?

It’s clear from tonight’s blog post on the Twitter blog that they still don’t know what’s causing the performance issues. It sounds like their next step is something I know the development teams I’ve worked with over the years have done–instrument the snot out of the software. Hopefully, this will allo the Twitter folks to see where the slowdowns are and fix them once and for all!

Can they find the smoking gun(s)? Can they fix the problem? Who knows. Money doesn’t guarantee success here, but it does buy them some time. The real question: Where is the business model? Where’s the money coming from?

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