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Google Reader, iPhone Edition, on my Nokia Nseries Handsets

Google Reader iPhone On S60I’ve had some time to kill lately. One of the ways I’ve done that was keeping up with my RSS feeds in Google Reader. I spent a lot of time in the iPhone interface, available at

While this interface as obviously designed for the iPhone, it works perfectly on my Nokia Nseries handsets as well as my Nokia Internet Tablets. I was able to peruse my RSS feeds 15 items at a time, or I could drill down to specific feeds if I chose to.

The interface, while a little Javascript heavy, works pretty good even when limited to EDGE speeds. If I was not careful, I could easily exceed the capacity of the device if I tried to “see the original” article while in this interface. Was less of an issue on the Nokia Internet Tablets, but much easier to do on my N95-1.

All in all, it’s a satisfying experience for a mobile handheld.

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