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AM Radio is still cool

One thing about living in the Seattle area is that I rarely get to watch a 49ers game. The 49ers did have an evening game this week, which meant it started at 5:30pm Pacific. If I had ESPN, I could have watched it. Alas, I don’t.

For the years I have lived away from the San Francisco Bay Area, I have from time to time fired up KGO AM 810 on the Internet and listened to games. However, one of the cool things about KGO is that it broadcasts a 50,000 watt signal that, at night, can be heard all up and down the west coast of the US.

Since I was going to be spending a bunch of time in my living room this evening handing out sugar-laden snacks to children, I fired up my stereo in my living room in Port Orchard WA, got my AM Loop Antenna in position, and dialed up KGO in San Francisco, CA. I got to listen to the San Francisco 49ers as announced by Joe Starkey and Gary Plummer, the way it should be. The 49ers lost again, as they’ve done many times this season, but at least I got to hear it on the radio.

The experience of listening to KGO reminded me that I miss living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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