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Weeding Things Out

Yellow starthistle, a thistle native to southern Europe and the Middle East that is an invasive weed in parts of North America.</p>

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When I was a kid, I used to hate pulling weeds in my parent’s yard. Nothing more undignified, unsatifying, or boring than pulling up plants out of the ground that shouldn’t be there. Why in the world do I want to do that?

Today, I did this in my own yard–pulled weeds. Yes, I actually decided to spend at least some of my Fathers Day pulling weeds in my own yard. Am I becoming my parents or something? No, but it was a job that needed to be done and for once, I was feeling motivated to *do *it.

Of course, our yard (and lawn) is full of weeds. It would take me days to get them all. However, I did clear out one of the beds that had been completely overtaken by weeds. I even dug up what appeared to be the roots of a tree or bush that had been cut off and simply left in the ground.

In my own life, it seems I have left several weeds to grow and nearly consume me. Some of it has manifested itself in the amount of blogging I’ve been doing. Other things in my life have become weeds as well.

One of the reasons I’ve been blogging so little this past week is because I’m trying to sort out the metaphorical weeds from the flowers. At least with respect to blogging, I think I am making some progress. I hope to be able to announce some news in this area soon. Other areas of my life are going a little more slowly.

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