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US Election Coverage

I spent the evening watching the Election Coverage on the major news networks. After last year’s fiasco, I would hope that the major news organizations would be much more careful about their predictions.

At least from my layman point of view, ABC News seems to be the most “conservative” about projecting winners in states this time around. Other networks have been a little quicker to declare one way or the other. ABC News even goes so far as to explain how they make their election projections.

At this particular moment, the state of Ohio is the key to the election. If George W. Bush wins Ohio as a couple of the news organizations have projected, then Bush will win the election. Even if Bush wins no more states, the best Kerry will be able to do is tie. In the event of a tie, the election goes to the House of Representatives, which will largely side with Bush given the Republican majority there.

I can see this election dragging out for several weeks while the votes are counted and re-counted in Ohio. It will be a repeat of the 2000 election except all eyes will be on Ohio instead of Florida.

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