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Diablo for Nokia N810 is HOT!

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I’ve actually been running earlier versions of the newly released Diablo firmware for the Nokia N810 Internet tablet, which was recently released to the public. The nice thing that this firmware release has is automatic updating!

Much like with Windows Update in some configurations, the tablet will show a blinking exclamation point icon along the top. This will let you know when newer versions of applications are available as well as Operating System-level updates. You can easily update everything in one fell swoop, OS and applications.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did today. I was a couple of builds behind what was released. I noticed the blinking exclamation point and upgraded all my applications and OS2008 itself to the most current release. A reboot later, the system was up. An in-place upgrade. No application reinstall. It just worked. Quite cool!

Unfortunately, to get the current release, if you weren’t on a pre-release version like I was, you have to reflash your device just like before. However, the “restore” process after the reflash is pretty flawless, in my experience. All my application repositories and selections were maintained across this upgrade, which took a while because of all the downloading, but when it was done,my device was basically the way it was before the upgrade.

I could complain a bit about the Email client included, which has been improved, but doesn’t work all that well with Gmail, particularly when I try and move stuff to the Spam folder. Whether that’s the app’s problem or it’s Gmail problem is hard to say.

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