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Making Your Customers Happy

I was working on a post about voice mashups that you will hopefully see published soon. As part of that article, I was going to use this little nugget about Sitofono, a click to call service done by Luca Filigheddu‘s company Abbeynet. It ended up not fitting after I rewrote the pice, but I thought it was an interesting tidbit to share anyway.

To prove the value of their click-to-call service Sitofono, Abbeynet provides their customers statistics to track the conversions they get from making Sitofono available as part of the online shopping experence. This is done through combining information from telephony, the online shopping cart, and a set of APIs from Yahoo to provide customers sophisticated statistics and aggregated information.

“When you give your customers all the tools to really measure the effectiveness of their investment,” says Abbeynet CEO Luca Filigheddu, “you really make them happy.”

Indeed. Giving their customers what they want–and showing them the value you provide–is a good recipe for success.

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