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Is It Real, Or A Marketing Ploy?

If you’ve been following the Nokia-related blogosphere, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the site Supposedly, something big was to be published on 7/7/2008 though this site. Instead, we see what appears to be some sort of cease and desist letter.

While I’m certainly not authorized to speak on behalf of Nokia in this matter, I suspect this is all part of the “virtal marketing” game that is being played. This weird takedown notice of sorts is obviously faked.

However, maybe someone can have a look in their Download! app on their Nokia phone to see if they can find anything unusual or strange? I don’t see anything, but I’m a bloody American, and we all know Download! gets the shaft here.

I present the text from the meta tags of the current page on

Hundreds of years ago, scientists, artists and members of Royal families gathered to produce a clip of grand weirdness. A clip stranger and more amazing than anything that had ever been made before. But the clip turned out too weird! People went mad from seeing it and it was too much for the common man to handle. Thus the clip was locked away, in a mysterious box with four seals. The knowledge of how to break the seals has been passed down from one generation to another, hidden within the technological masterpieces of history. Edison’s light bulb, the Wright Brothers’ airplane and Apollo 11 all held the secret of unlocking the box. A secret that can now be found within Nokia Download service, allowing the public – you,  to find the key to break the seals. And see…the weirdest clip. Ever made…

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