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How To Pitch To PhoneBoy in 2008

PR is not for sissies. Never has been, never will be. Good PR, at least, has always been around building relationships. While it used to be a PR person only had to get in with a few people, now with the blogosphere, you have to get in with some bloggers.

I agree largely with Jeff Pulver’s post on the subject of how to pitch to him. It’s not just about spamming bloggers and hope they cover you, it’s about getting to know them. With that in mind, here’s my “how to pitch” list:

  • Read my about page
  • Read my blogs, yes I write on a lot of blogs (see the list on the right sidebar)
  • Join the conversation on my blog
  • Follow me on Twitter, Jaiku, or one of several social networks, replying to something I say
  • Send me an email (mentioned on my about page), introduce yourself, ask me a question

PR firms who have done this well don’t waste my time and know what to pitch me. You know what? More often than not, I write about their clients. Andy Abramson‘s firm Comunicano is the king of this so far, though smarter PR firms are starting to employ similar tactics with similar results.

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