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WebbleYou Closing Its Doors

WebbleYou sent me an email today letting me know they are closing their doors at the end of this month. I was writing (very) infrequently for one of their blogs, Geektronica.

WebbleYou had an interesting model for paying its bloggers: share of advertising revenue. They also let bloggers keep their own content, which as an author I thought was fantastic!

Unfortunately, the money just wasn’t there. I didn’t make that much blogging for it, and the network as a whole wasn’t a profitable venture. I can tell you from my own experience that Google Adsense revenue is declining quite a bit. If that’s your major source of revenue, then you need to find something else.

No doubt, it’s tough times for blogging networks everywhere. Creative Weblogging has gone through its share of belt tightening during the year I’ve been writing for them. At least the money they pay me is fairly predictable.

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