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Where’s The Full RSS Reader, Nokia?

One feature I like about the newer S60 handsets from Nokia is that they include a built-in RSS reader. When you go to a web page that has feeds listed in the meta tags, you can automatically subscribe to those pages. Quite nice!

But the RSS reader isn’t really an RSS reader, at least not in the sense that Google Reader is. The content shown is fairly simplistic: title, description, link to full article, and any enclosures. What it doesn’t show is the actual content.

For example, when you subscribe to The PhoneBoy Blog in Google Reader (or whatever you read RSS feeds with), you can see the entire article. I publish full feeds for this reason. Despite this, the Nokia Web Feeds option does not show the full feed, only the small amount of text in the description tag.

It seems to me this would be trivial to add. I tried hacking the feeds_view_template.html file in a similar fashion to this guy (his hack highly recommended as it improves readability of the articles) and was not able to make it work.

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