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Teliax, an Asterisk-friendly VoIP Provider

A few people on Voxilla and the DSL Reports VoIP Forum have raved about Teliax, a recent entry into the VoIP provider space.

Their website doesn’t provide much information, other than their basic rate plans. They claim to offer PSTN numbers in 29 states, but do not provide a way to determine what area codes and prefixes they have. They also do not list their International Long Distance rates. They do support using Asterisk as a client–they even suggest it along with using IAX. They own their own network too, though I’m not sure exactly how to verify that.

It is in a provider’s best interest to provide as much information as possible about their service so that a prospective customer can find out everything he needs to know before they sign up and spend their hard earned money. This means disclosing any fees you might be charged upfront, where numbers are currently available, what shipping costs, what cancellation policies are, and so forth.

My general view on Teliax is mixed. Their unlimited plan is on-par with Vonage, which to me is a little high and doesn’t even include any non-US/Canada locations like BroadVoice’s $20/mo plan does. Direct support for IAX is cool, as are incoming numbers, though the $9.95/mo fee for extra DIDs is a bit high.

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