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Mippin Gives You The Olympics On Your Mobile

To be perfectly honest, the Olympics is something I just don’t care about. However, in case you do, and you simply have to know what’s going on with the Olympics while you’re out and about, Mippin has you covered with a mobile-friendly page that links to all the latest Olympics stories.

The URL they give is: Why couldn’t they do a URL like they did when I created my own “mobile” site with Mippin, e.g.

I’m actually not all that impressed with this Olympics site or the job they did “mobilizing” my website. It strips out all the links and style information fromt the post! Because it uses my RSS feed to generate the mobile version, there’s a whole bunch of garbage they need to strip out, too.

I can see their service might be useful for people that can’t easily make their sites mobile. Me? I just use WordPress Mobile, and it does the job nicely.

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