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Mobbler: Finally, a Use for!

MobblerI know a lot of people like, but I really just don’t see what value it has for me. Sure it makes the “music listening” experience more social, but so what?

However, that all changed when Ricky Cadden pointed me at Mobbler. Mobbler watches what you listen to and “scrobbles” it all to While I don’t particularly care for that so much, what it does do is offer a Pandora-like solution for your S60 device. I can tell it an artist, tag, or user to build a playlist around and it just starts playing!

Obviously, you’d want a 3G or WiFi-enabled S60 device for this, and you most definitely want an unlimited data plan. That being said, it works reasonably well. The application is rough around the edges, but it is quite functional.

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