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Radius Atomic Bass Headphones

The folks from Radius Products sent me a pair of their Atomic Bass headphones to review when I was writing for The Gadgets Weblog. These headphones are clearly styled to go with an Apple iPod-and even have an iPhone friendly connector-but you can use them with other MP3 players as well. I used them with my Nokia N95 on my recent vacation, and they worked fine.

The Radius Products headphones go in the ear a bit deeper than the typical headphones. They come with 3 different sized soft, silicone earpiece covers, which allow the headphones to fit snugly in just about any ear. They do a fairly good job of blocking outside noise.

The Atomic Bass headphones are designed to enhance hip-hop beats and dance rhythms. They are angled, which supposedly allows the bass sound waves to get longer so they have a much more natural sound. The headphones are also supposedly more power efficient, making the battery charge last longer.

The headphones are reasonably priced at $39.99 and are available now from and other retailers.

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