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Consolidation in the VoIP industry

Andy Abramson thinks that, with regards to all the VoIP providers out there, that consolidation has to happen.

This is something I’ve lamented about before at least twice. Well, at least the fact that the providers all look about the same.

While there is likely to be some consolidation in the VoIP provider market, I think it’s a market somewhat like the conventional long distance market: there may be only room for so many “big” players, but there’s a lot of room for little providers to fill niche needs. Since it doesn’t cost much to actually provide the service (especially if you’re reselling someone else’s service). A small business can potentially make a nice living off the recurring income, especially in Latin America.

Of the major providers, here’s where I think the companies that are worth watching.

  • BroadVoice because they allow you to bring your own device and will supply credentials for you to use on any SIP device.
  • Vonage only because they were first. Not necessarily the best, but generally considered reliable. They are the 800lb Gorilla at the moment.
  • Broadvox for having a CIO that’s willing to match wits with the people on DSL Reports VoIP Forum and their innovative 911 system due to be available soon.
  • AT&T CallVantage for being one of the first truly “household name” to explain VoIP to the masses.
  • Free World Dialup, which probably has the widest interconnections with other providers, free and pay.
  • VoicePulse because even with all the other providers out there, they still have some of the best features. And they do it with Asterisk.

The VoIP provider market space will be interesting to watch over the next few years.

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