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Jajah and MOBIVOX Swap Technology

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Seems I got this from both Jajah and MOBIVOX. The two companies have partnered up to share technology. MOBIVOX will be taking Vox Girl and making her available to Jajah customers as JAJAH.Concierge. Meanwhile, MOBIVOX will be using Jajah’s high-quality, massive VoIP network to route calls.

The MOBIVOX-powered Concierge will enable Jajah users to use voice commands to dial calls, send text messages, or set up conference calls simply and easily – all while obeying the proliferating “hands-free” phone driving laws.

Sounds neat, but it still fundamentally changes how one makes a call. While voice activated theoretically reduces friction, the technology needs to improve. Given how well YouMail’s voice-to-text translation system appears to work, I can’t imagine working anywhere near acceptable accuracy for everyone.

I’ll certainly be watching how this plays out, but unless the technology makes a dramatic shift in the next several months, I don’t see this replacing how most people use their phone while driving–legal or not.

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