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Announcing Joy of Gadgets

Since I parted ways with Creative Weblogging, and I liked some of the fringe benefits of writing for a gadgets blog, I decided I had better start my own: Joy of Gadgets.

If you visit the site, you’ll notice I’ve got a fair bit of stuff already. It’s never good form to “launch” an empty blog. I will be posting my take on gadgety goodness 3-5 times a week on Joy of Gadgets. Engadget or Gizmodo I am not, nor do I intend to compete with them. In any case, I will be on the lookout for interesting and sometimes absurd gadgets and gizmos and give my take on them.

What kind of gadgets? Anything that performs a useful function, be it physical piece of gear or software for a piece of gear. There might be some overlap with on the subject of mobile phones, but not much, I suspect.

Give it a look see, give it a mention on your social networks or your blog, and leave your feedback here. I’d really appreciate your help in spreading the Joy of Gadgets!

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