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Skyfire Supports MS Silverlight

08/17/2008 - Share on is reporting that Skyfire supports Microsoft Silverlight, which, for all you Olympics fans, means you can watch streaming video of the Olympics on your mobile phone! And yes, I was actually watching the .01 second victory by Michael Phelps on my mobile phone, as pictured.

While it did play as well as could be expected, the browser did not complete playing the video–it unceremoniously crashed after a few minutes. Screen rotation along with slightly tighter zooming would make the video much easier to watch.

I also ran into some “activation” niggles as well, since I recently swapped SIMs in my Nokia N95 8GB. I had to “reactivate” the phone and was reminded that I could only have one device at a time using Skyfire. Why, exactly?

Anyway, clearly the browser has some promise if it can play Silverlight.

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