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I Already Opened At My Own Risk, Thanks

Got this amusing email from the folks behind

I am writing from Nokia HQ with news: we have defeated corporate censorship! The most insane video ever produced is now online. If you visit you can view the clip, but only if you’re worthy enough to break the code.

Thanks to continued pressure in the name of all that is right and honest, all accusations of “intent to publish content driving people insane” have been dropped by The Supreme Court. Consumer rights and freedom of choice have proved victorious; the prerogative to unhinge your mind has been restored.

This victory has been no easy win however. We have engaged the bureaucrats in battle and refused to bow to their pressure to ensure that you have the right to view this clip. Thank you for all your support, it was your hearts and desires that we took into the theatre of war.

Now that the video is available, we trust that you will treat it with the respect and caution such footage demands. Symptoms relating to insanity have been witnessed even in those who have set eyes on nothing more than the original celluloid. You have been warned.

Click here and start your journey to insanity…

Did whoever sent out this email realize I already broke the seals and watched the video you should not see? Of course, it was a mass mailing, likely executed without weeding out those who might have solved it. Either way, if you haven’t done it yet, open at your own risk, and maybe win a T-shirt if you’re one of the first to do it.

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