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A Phone Call Can Wake Up My PC Now?

Jajah and Intel, which partnered up in May of last year, recently announced the first fruit of their collaboration together: now Intel makes it possible for a phone call to wake up a computer so it can be received!

The technology is called Remote Wake Technology (RWT). It can be used to wake a computer from “energy-efficient” sleep mode in order to receive a VoIP call. It is demonstrated in the video to the left.

Jajah will be the first provider to actually support this technology, making it possible for anyone who deploys Jajah’s telephony infrastructure to utilize this feature for their application or service.

To be perfectly honest, this does not excite me. While I do make a certain number of calls to my PC, it is not the center of my communications universe–my mobile phone is. This is true for millions of others just like me, particularly in places where there are very few desktop computers.

Where this could be interesting is with embedded appliances and SMB PBX units. It would allow these units to be much more energy efficient as they could “sleep” while not in use to pass traffic.

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