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Vopium: More Minute And SMS Stealing

I am periodically asked to review VoIP services. One of the more recent ones is Denmark based Vopium. They provide a piece of software that will dynamically redirect calls through their gateways, thus giving you a cheaper rate. Very similar to what Truphone Anywhere does when WiFi and 3G aren’t available.

They also do SMS as well–at least the sending part. Based on the theory that inbound SMS is free–not in North America anyway–SMS can be sent over IP at a substantial cost savings.

I’m trying to find the value here beyond making things cheaper–stealing minutes (and SMS) from the incumbent carriers. Everyone’s doing that. At least TruPhone is making it possible to make calls in places you may not normally thanks to their VoIP over WiFi support. These guys? You still gotta have a GSM signal or access to a landline

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