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Let’s Ban Things Other Than VoIP on Planes

Tablica do badania wzroku z reklamy Vision ExpressAll this crap about using VoIP on planes, blocking the traffic, working around it, and more blocking is just plane silly. While I don’t doubt that phone calls on planes will be annoying, let’s look at other sources of noise that are annoying:

  • Your neighbor(s) talking amongst themselves, or to you when you don’t want to talk
  • Someone a few rows away brought a screaming child on the plane
  • The noise from the engines

How about we ban these things while we’re at it? No? Why single out phone calls, then?

I think the flight attendants should offer free ear plugs to passengers who are affected by noise, or better yet, if you’re annoyed, plug yourself into a portable media device. Hard to be annoyed at things you can’t hear.

Creative Commons License photo credit: trochim

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