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You Only Think Using Your Mobile Is Expensive Where You Are

Zimbabwe £8 in local currency in 2003
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Les Afriques is reporting (in French, here’s the Google Translation) that the local carriers have raised their rates by 1000%, thanks to the rampant, rampant inflation currently going on there. It is now an expensive-sounding Z$5 to Z$7 per outgoing SMS, calls within Zimbabwe are Z$12 to Z$18 per minute, International calls are Z$30 to Z$40 per minute.

At least at this writing, 1 US dollar is roughly 33 Zimbabwean dollars, making it up to USD $0.22 a text, up USD $0.55 to make an in-country call, and up to USD $1.25 a minute to make an international call. I’m willing to bet everyone’s on prepaid there, and this is certainly high by US standards.

I have to believe these prices will go up more as Zimbabwe’s economic crisis continues, where they are using gas coupons to trade for things. At least gas maintains its value.

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