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Skype on my Pocket PC with a Bluetooth Headset

Andy Abramson pointed out to me that you didn’t have to use a headset with just a PC. He was responding to my recent lament about being bound to my computer by Skype.

Who Says you have to use the headset with only a PC?
I expect that the next round will be for Bluetooth headsets and
they will work with Pocket PC’s.

Of course you can use the headsets with anything like a Pocket PC. Even though Skype can be used on a Pocket PC (which I have done), it’s still awkward to use, or at least more awkward to use than a telephone handset.

I do have a Bluetooth headset for my Nokia phone, a Nokia HS-3W. So I figured I’d try and pair that with my Dell Axim. Pairing it was pretty straightforward, but only the “listening” part was paired, not the microphone part, so it’s one way. Also, Skype wasn’t using it when I tried to make a SkypeOut call. I’ll have to try it later on, but at least now I can listen to my Pocket PC via Bluetooth…

My mobile phone is still far easier to use to make calls and, as far as I’m concerned, cheap enough. I mean, with “free” Mobile to Mobile calling on AT&T Wireless, I mean Cingular, and enough anytime minutes, it’s cheap enough. Now if I could VoIP from my mobile phone, you’d have something… :)

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