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SSPR? Blackholed.

SSPR pulled the same stunt on me as they did on Ken, for exactly the same company that Ken got spammed, I might add. I am not going to bother reprinting the email–it’s the same as Ken’s for the most part–sending them an email about it, nor give the company they emailed about any bits on my page. Or any other company they represent for that matter. At least not any more. Pity, because VoSKY, a.k.a. ActionTec has some decent products.

Look, I don’t mind PR firms sending me emails on relevant things, I really don’t. When you try to lie to me saying I had requested information about a company when I didn’t, that crosses an ethical boundary. PRs firms that do that, along with the companies they represent are persona-non-grata. 

SSPR, you are officially the first PR company I have blackholed. Email from your company will go directly to the bit bucket in the sky. Consider yourself honored.

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