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Share on Ovi Failing the Video Upload Test

In my last post, I took a screencast of my VMware session where I was running Google Chrome to show off how you can drag a tab off the main Chrome window and have it create it’s own window. The capture file was about 14 seconds of video and about 608k total, 1280×800 encoded in H.264 at 5 frames a second. Not a particularly big file.

Being a dogfood kind of guy, I uploaded the movie to Share on Ovi. I got a warning that it might take a long time because of excessive server load or somesuch. Meanwhile, I uploaded my video to YouTube and it was done encoding within a couple of minutes. Guess which version I featured on my blog.

I hope they’re beefing up their server capacity or something, because taking more than a few minutes to transcode a video that small just doesn’t seem acceptable to me.

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