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MAXroam Goes v2, Adds Cheaper US Roaming and Data!

Pat Phelan, admist the hullabaloo of DEMO and TC50 lauched MAXroam v2. What’s new?

  • USA Roaming rate now starting at 0.39 EUR a minute
  • Data now available starting at 0.005 EUR per KB
  • New, easier-to-use website
  • Some other behind-the-scenes improvements.

Cool stuff. I’d like to see the U.S. roaming rates lower, but I understand why it’s not. It’s still better than what your local operator is likely to charge to roam here.

I was unable to find the data rate quoted anywhere on the official, public site, but I know Pat’s an upstanding fellow and that detail probably got overlooked. Meanwhile, it’s a victory for the little guy who has to use his mobile phone in foreign lands.

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