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iPhone Still The Basis For Comparison

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PC World has an interesting article about how Apple‘s iPhone is the current basis for comparison. Even my employer, Nokia, who has a billion people using Nokia devices, is doing it:

Bill Plummer, vice president of go-to-market strategies for Nokia in North America, took questions from reporters and analysts about new Nokia Ovi wireless services, stressing how dozens of Nokia devices have video sharing capabilities beyond the reach of the iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone has raised the bar. Not everyone will have one, as Apple has chosen to go the carrier-exclusive route. Even if they didn’t go carrier-exclusive, there’s that whole CDMA versus GSM thing here in North America would limit adoption to either AT&T/T-Mobile or Sprint/Verizon.

I can see why people like the iPhone. However, for text entry, I need buttons. I need tactile feedback. I also need a camera that works better than the iPhone has.

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