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Voxbone Approved For Use Throughout EU

Despite the fact that more and more voice communications is going over the net, it’s still a numbers game–telephone numbers, that is. Voxbone is one of the largest providers of Direct Inward Dial numbers (DIDs) and SIP termination services, providing telephone numbers throughout the world and the ability to terminate those numbers via SIP to whatever gateway you want.

To further extend Voxbone’s footprint, they were able to obtain approval to operate in all 27 EU member countries. Considering the telecom regulations in the member countries differ, this was a major undertaking, and increases their footprint to 44 countries.

Voxbone enables other voice service providers like Belgacom, Jajah, IDT, and Arbinet to provide high-quality services with much less hassle. As long as it’s still a number game–and it will be for the forseeable future–Voxbone will be a key player in this space.

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