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Cleaning Out The Inbox

I have been letting my personal inbox go for too long. I’m now over 50 messages. Why? Because I’ve been too busy doing other things. Work. Sleeping. Reading Anathem–down to the last 100 pages now. So with an eye towards cleaning out my inbox, it’s time to do a “summary” post–something I haven’t done in ages. I’ll probably do a couple of these until I get things under control.

SIP Print launches SIP recording appliance at ITEXPO West: Theoretically, this affordable for small and medium businesses with the need to record up to 200 seats per location. To discover the power and simplicity of SIP Print, please visit My personal solution: use Skype and avoid being recorded, thanks.

The Sonic Lighter for iPhone: What the hell is this crap? At least it’s cheap at $0.99, but really, do I want to pass the flame around between iPhones or use my breath to extinguish the flame. Is this really necessary? Oh yeah, you can’t publish any truly useful apps on the iPhone, thanks to Apple‘s tight-fisted control over it.

PulsarBox Launches an Easy To Use Mobile Content System: Seems a bit like WidSets to me, except maybe an easier way to create the content. Am I missing something here?

Glubble Social Networking for Families: This might be a bit of a challenge for me to get my family to adopt since my children are smaller and my wife is not into social networking at all. However, if you want to give it a try–I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, join the network and let me know what you think!

Thomas Howe Wins Broadsoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest: Thomas created Disaster Dispatcher, a voice mashup that integrates Twitter, BroadWorks and RSS feeds to provide a one-window communications tool for emergency operators. For his first place win, he will receive $5,000 in cash and a trip to BroadSoft Connections 2008 with a free Solutions ShowCase booth. Go, Thomas, Go!

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