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I’m turning really Orange, I think I’m turning really Orange, I really think so

(With apologies to The Vapors)

After a little bit of research, I have come to the conclusion that I will be better off under a “proper Cingular” plan. Here’s why.

My “base” rate plan under AT&T Wireless is $39.99 with 1050 minutes (which happened as a result of some customer service errors), free n/w, free m2m. I pay $49.99 for the PDA data plan and $5/mo for 100 outgoing text messages (which I don’t even come close to using). Then there’s the Enhanced International Dial plan $3.99 and the $1.75 regulatory fee. That puts my base bill (before foundation discounts and taxes) at $100.72.

Under an Orange plan, I’d probably have to get the $59.99 Nation to get a comparable number of minutes (850) and a MEdia Works at $19.99, which eliminates the need for the extra SMS plan. I’ll still want the discounted international dialing, which is another $3.99, and of course the $1.25 regulatory fee. That puts my base Cingular bill at $85.22 (before discounts and taxes).

That works out to about a $15/mo savings. I gain rollover (which I’m sure I will benefit from) gain essentially “Free” MMS (I’ve only sent a few), but I lose 200 minutes (which won’t be an issue) and free incoming SMS (I don’t think I get enough incoming to care). Even if I don’t get my FAN discounts, I’ll still probably come out ahead a few bucks.

Looks like I will be making some phone calls tomorrow.

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