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More Inbox Cleaning

Obviously I didn’t get everything out last time, here’s a few more:

SoliCall Adds Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Call Monitoring: This all sounds good–that’s what it’s about, after all–but I wonder how well it really helps. I also wonder why I don’t see technology like this deployed more widely. Adds More Features To Their Phone Protection Software: I think this is worthy of a separate post. However, I can say I played with some of the new features not too long ago and they worked pretty well–even in their beta form. I like being able to SMS from another device to lock my phone. Sweet!

Alltop Goes v2: Alltop is a topic aggregation service who as co-founded by Guy Kawasaki that I’ve written about before. They offer over 210 different topics, including VoIP (where I am listed). In their version 2, they added an alphabetical topic listing as well as the ability to search their topic list by keywords.

Fonolo Wins Judge’s Prize at Mobilize Conference: I can see how a iPhone app that incorporates Fonolo’s “deep dialing” technology to cut through the PBX clutter would be a compelling application!

YouMail Partners with IMMIX Wireless: While I like the idea of a carrier integrating the speech-to-text technology that YouMail provides, I wish the translation technology worked better. I get a vague idea of what the person said over SMS, but it is by no means perfect.

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