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Still Digging Out The Inbox

Here we go again:

Global IP Solutions Launches VideoEngine™ Mobile: This will, in theory, make it easier to provide high-quality video calling from mobile phones. This launched for Windows Mobile on 13 October and is coming soon for other platforms. Me, I’d just like the ability to do any video calling on a mobile phone. That’s what I get for living in North America.

SnapYap Offers Flash-Based Video Calling: Seems like another competitor for SightSpeed that doesn’t require you to install software. Unfortnately, the video quality is NOT SightSpeed, but if you want to give it a try anyway, you can “call” me or leave a message on:

TringMe Now Offering VoiceXML: In addition to offering a Flash widget to make click-to-call possible from our website, they also now offer developers the ability to script an application with VoiceXML. So where’s the business model?

The Academy Relaunches Website: Several current and former Nokia colleagues are involved in a project called The Academy where a number of videos are posted related to configuring security appliactions. The website has been relaunched and it’s shaping up to be a great resource for the security geeks out there. Now, where’s some videos on Sourcefire, Peter? :)

**Fring Working With **moblikom Austria: The PR speak: Fring and moblikom Austria announced on October 21st the launch of a bespoke version of fring’s mobile internet communication (MVoIP) and community service, that in addition to the full the fring feature-set is also enabling mobilkom Austria to provide their users  a mobile internet community, packed with Intenret experiences with mVoIP, Chat, presence and more. Good for them, hope Fring gets some revenue out of it, because I don’t see their business model otherwise.

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