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How Honest is my VoIP Blogging

There was a thread recently on DSL Reports that questioned the integrity of VoIP blogging, at least from the perspective of where various people’s interests lie and what they might “blog” as a result.

While I do have some “contacts” in the VoIP industry as a result of being associated with Voxilla, what I write in my blog is generally my opinion or at least my interpretation of the facts. I’ll say something’s cool if I think it’s cool, I’ll say it sucks when I think it sucks. I try and be honest, but I’m human, can make mistakes, and will own up to them.

In the interest of disclosure, there is one thing you should probably know about me. While I do a lot of work for Voxilla, I also do a lot of work for another company that, at least as the moment, doesn’t do much with VoIP. It does pay a significant percentage of my income, however.

Why don’t I mention that employer by name? I have a long-standing personal policy about that. I’ve gained enough notoriety both inside and outside this employer that if I advertised freely who it was, I may be misconstrued as speaking for that company, even though I have no intention of doing so in a public forum–at least in my current position. There are some situations under which I am paid to represent that company, of course, and it is very clear in those situations that is what I am doing. On a public forum, there may be room for doubt. I don’t want that doubt to exist, so I don’t bring it up and go to great pains not to.

I do not think my association with the other company that I work for is relevant to anything I am doing in the VoIP space, at least right now. Who knows, it could change. I could also change employers. :)

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