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OnSIP and Fring: Smart PR

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Perhaps I am getting a bit too cynical for my own good. To me, it just seems obvious that Junction Networks OnSIP hosted PBX solution can connect up with Fring, a mobile VoIP/IM client that supports many phones, including the Apple iPhone and my beloved Nokia S60 handsets. You might, therefore, wonder why it’s worthy of a press release since it seems so obvious.

Both Fring and OnSIP speak SIP, the lingua franca of voice over IP. OnSIP allows you to use any old SIP client as an extension to the hosted PBX. Fring can be configured to talk to any SIP-enabled service. Put the two together, and you’ve suddenly extended your PBX to the mobile phone.

Of course, given the Nokia handsets I carry, I don’t even need Fring. I can just configure my Nokia handsets to talk to OnSIP directly. Of course, it’s not something that I would expect the average Joe to try and do. Fring would certainly make it a lot easier to do.

While I am a bit ho-hum about this press release myself, in general I think it’s smart PR. It’s functionality people want. It’s free functionality for both OnSIP and Fring, simply by speaking SIP and making it easy to interoperate. Letting the world know about it is the right thing.

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