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My Phone Turned Orange!

Earlier today I received my new Cingular phone and SIM card. The whole process of “changing over” did not take long at all. I called into Cingular’s customer care, asked to activate my phone, I chose my rate plan and promos, and within 10-15 minutes or so, my old AT&T Wireless SIM was not able to make or receive calls and my new phone was working.

Some things aren’t working correctly, namely when I dial 611, it still routes me to AT&T Wireless customer care and Cingular’s website also thinks my number is Blue as well. Text messaging from the device to other carriers appears to be working, but text messages going the other way appear to be either delayed or simply not working. I’ll have to check on that tomorrow.

Even though Cingular has bought AT&T Wireless, it’s still basically two different systems with two different sets of systems, customer care reps, services, features, etc. Internally, they end up treating the whole thing like they would a local number portability request. In a sense, that’s what it is.

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