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Jeff Pulver Is Starting Another Revolution: SocComm

Starting another conference. In a down economy. Are you crazy? Personally, I think not, mainly because we’re talking about our good buddy Jeff Pulver, who started the Voice on the Net (VON) conferences back before VoIP became a household–or at least a business–word.

This new conference called SocComm isn’t about VoIP. It’s about social communications. It’s about all the ways people communicate with each other. Things like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, online games, and more.

Quoting from Jeff’s blog:

“Presence” is quickly becoming the trigger point for communication. I grew up in an era where the dial-tone on my home phone meant something to me. Today and in the future I believe that Presence is the new Dial-tone and that more and more communication sessions will happen because of presence. The evolution of presence has huge implications for a number of industries, including: advertising, media and telecom.

Let me repeat what he said: presence is the new dial-tone. I think that’s a powerful statement that has all kinds of implications. This conference will explore what exactly this means.

SocComm 2009 will be taking place February 10-11 in New York City. Jeff is looking for speakers for this event. He’ll take proposals until 5th December 2008, so if you’re interested, let him know!

I’d love to go to this conference myself, though I’m not sure how I am going to afford to make the trek. I can assure you, though, it will be well worth your time.

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