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More Inbox Cleaning

Yes, I need to do some cleaning out.

Tagggit: This is for people who have high-end Nokia phones, like tagging stuff around their city, and, um, want another social network. They supposedly can get a location fix in as little as 15 seconds–even indoors. That might be an interesting technology for someone to buy, but I’ll pass on the service.

INQ Mobile: They’re selling a “Facebook Centric” phone for use on UK’s 3 Network. Let’s see, it’s Windows Mobile, not even quadband GSM, and it has Skype on it. Skype makes it only marginally interesting. No interest here, thanks. Especially now that the Nokia N97 has been announced.

IfByPhone Gets $4.6 Million in Funding: Great news for Chicago-based IfByPhone, particularly in these tough times. It’s funny, because I was talking to one of my friends the other day. He runs a bridal shop and has been asking my advice on various things. I mentioned how technology like IfByPhone’s could be integrated into his site easily, reducing the amount of time it takes to get a sale. At least I gave him something to think about.

They Call It Cloudworker Now: Plantronics, a company from my home town of Santa Cruz, CA, did a study of teleworkers, whom they now are calling “Cloudworkers” thanks to a contest they ran. The study said teleworkers are traveling less (36% of workers reported) and in teleconferences more (40% of workers reported). Sounds about right, particularly with the economy imploding all around us.

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