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My Battle with Email

I think at some point, I am going to have to ditch the use of email altogether. I get too much of it and can’t respond to it in a timely manner. At work, I swear that I am constantly having to block off a couple of hours just to go through and read and delete the tons of email. On my personal accounts, I don’t do that nearly often enough. I often let emails sit around for months at a time before being able to respond to it.

I filter my email. Trust me. If I didn’t my inbox would be overrun with spam. Things go in folders. Mailing list messages get read once in a blue moon. My inbox has lots of things in it I have yet to respond to or file appropriately. In fact, it got so bad once that I just basically “moved my inbox aside” (copied it to a different folder) and started over. I still haven’t gotten back to the old inbox yet. Maybe I never will.

In any case, if any of you have ideas about how to cope with so much email, please send a shout out.

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