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Blogging: IN for 2009, but Changes Ahead

If you look at my blogging output over the past several months, you might wonder if I want to blog at all. This time last year, I was blogging regularly on a number of different blogs–and even making some money at it. Today, I am only blogging on maybe 2 public blogs with anything approaching regularity, and it’s certainly not making me any money.

I wrote so many pieces in the past couple of years just to write them that I reached a point where I looked at everything coming across the wire and said meh, even to stuff I used to think was cool. My job situation most certainly didn’t help. The things that were really in my craw were quite simply not fit for public consumption.

One of the reasons I gave myself this project of Ins and Outs was I needed something that I might actually have feelings about, be it good or bad. Strong feelings make for particularly good writing, and the topics I chose are all things I’ve had strong feelings about at one time or another.

Social networking has replaced a lot of my need for incidental blog posts. My core audience is on these services and I can interact with them in quick, short-form bursts. Sometimes, all I need to say about something can happen in 140 characters.

I think blogging every day is not as necessary as it once was, though I still think it is important to do regularly. How regularly I will do it remains to be seen. It will depend greatly on how and when my job situation works itself out as well as how often I come across issues I feel really passionate about!

I burned out, but I am slowly coming back to life.

This year, I’m

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