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More on Free Calling Over Your Mobile

A few days ago, I mentioned a new service that lets you make free calls from your mobile phone using the mobile-to-mobile feature. Meanwhile, Aswath points out that Verizon probably won’t allow such a thing, to which Andy says ” I thought there was something fishy about the service”.

Andy’s wrong on one point: Verizon doesn’t have the biggest network anymore–Cingular does. I don’t see any similar restriction in Cingular’s terms and conditions for their Cingular Nation plans. I think such a restriction goes against the whole “cut the (PSTN) cord and go mobile” idea, something I believe the providers are pushing.

Personally, I think this restriction is meant to catch “egregious” amounts of mobile-to-mobile use, much like the terms of service on many unlimited VoIP accounts. It would probably catch the service as provided by Xcelis (depending on how it is deployed), but not someone doing this for personal use with their own equipment.

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