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And… We’re Back

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You probably didn’t notice because I’ve done these things so many times, I can almost do it in my sleep. I switched webhosts. Really, it’s not the kind of thing you need to tell people about usually, if you do it right.

However, one of my friends on Twitter was telling me about a hosting deal that was too good to be true on Dreamhost. Two years worth of hosting for $21.48! I, of course, signed up right away before the deal expired yesterday. While the experience was a little rocky–their signup page was getting pummeled–I got in. They have a slightly LESS good deal going today (only 20% off instead of 90%), but it may still be worth checking out.

As I write this, I am in DNS purgatory, waiting for the nameserver records to change over. However, I was able to get my two WordPress sites moved over without too much issue. I have a couple of custom sites I will need to spend some time on to get them moved over, but I suspect that won’t take a lot of time, either.

I can’t assume this moved completely without incident, so if you see anything funny on my site, let me know!

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