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Changing The Tagline

For those of you who don’t visit directly, you may not have noticed that I changed the site’s tagline to read: Simplifying Network Security, Telecom, Gadgets, and More! Previously, it read VoIP, Mobile Phones, Telecom, and Technology Made Simple.

Why the change? Furthermore, why write about it? Because I think it’s important to signal a slight change to the topic areas I plan on covering here.

I have always covered, to some extent, gadgets. Instead of trying to maintain a separate gadgets blog, which I started a few months ago, I plan on keeping that on I’ll probably copy the posts over at some point to also.

I removed VoIP from the tagline because, well, it won’t be the reason I cover something any longer. I will cover some of the larger telecom issues as well as interesting telecom services that may or may not use VoIP. VoIP plumbing that is still evolving to a certain extent, but it’s still pretty similar to the way it was back when I first started this blog. (And please, I don’t want to discuss the whole VoIP is dead thing again, ok?)

The main addition to this blog: network security topics. For all my aspirations that want to go do work in mobility or VoIP or whatever, Information Security–or at least supporting people in that field–has been what has kept the mortgage paid for the past 12 years. Given I am likely to end up working for “the leader in securing the Internet” (a.k.a. Check Point Software), assuming the acquisition of Nokia‘s Security Appliance business closes, I’m probably going to be in the field a bit longer. :)

Let’s face it, I also enjoy trying to take ominous sounding things like the MD5/SSL hack that was recently announced and breaking it down for people like I do the other topics I cover. :) (on this hack, don’t worry too much–yet)

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