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Old FireWall-1 Nostalga

Every once in a while, I will either run into someone who remembers the old FAQ site I used to run here about Check Point FireWall-1 or I will get a fan letter about it. Both have happened this week.

I’m going to tell you a little secret about that old site. I really didn’t know all that much about Check Point, especially when I started doing it. I just wrote down what I learned both from my own experience and others. More importantly: I shared it.

Obviously doing the site helped me to learn the product back in the day. It also helped countless others and I do appreciate all the feedback I get from folks about it. I really do.

Anyway,  a while back, I decided, for various reasons, to put up an old version of my FireWall-1 FAQ up on a hidden page to take a couple of screenshots. By posting a link here, decided to make it available again by posting a note about it here. It is for nostalgia purposes only, given that most of the information is older than many people’s IT careers (circa 2000). Also, links are likely to be broken, etc.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the walk down memory lane…

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