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Cellphone Superhero Locks Your Phone Remotely

Losing a cell phone sucks. I’ve been lucky enough to not do it myself, but I know what a pain it can be. This Mobile Superhero software from provides a very useful feature when this happens: the ability to remotely lock your phone!

When you lose your phone, you simply log into and with the click of the mouse, your phone is locked. You can’t use the phone for anything–even if you power cycle it! There was a brief period of time–maybe 30 seconds–where I could do something before the software is activated.

If someone finds the phone, they can use the phone to report it lost or stolen. That’s it. All the phone will allow you to do is make a call to report the stolen phone to

Mobile Superhero can be downloaded for free and it supports a number of Blackberry, Nokia, and Samsung handsets. After the 30 day trial, it costs $19.95 a year.

You can also opt for physical asset tags for $9.95 that are good for three years, but they do not protect the access to your phone. The tags can be used on any item, though, not just mobile phones.

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